Client Success Story

“I am extremely grateful for the services of Erik Burns and his staff. His professionalism and dedication were above and beyond any I have ever experienced. When I asked him if he was a succession attorney, he said he could help me. Little did we know that our battle had just begun. 6 1/2 years later, we succeeded in obtaining my inheritance. It was a very emotional and difficult battle that probably tested him to his limits, but he never failed or wavered. He promised to stay with me until the end and he did. He endured more than he should have and I feel that others would have not been as invested. His prices are more than reasonable. He was always available by text, email, and phone and never kept me waiting for a response. I truly felt like his only client with the personal attention to my case. I highly recommend him as your representation for any case.”

-Posted via Google 2023

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