Client Success Story

“Erik Burns has been amazing! He truly cares about his clients, worries for what his clients are going through, and gives 150% of himself to his client cases. I’m truly grateful for all he’s done for my family. I don’t think other attorneys would have gotten the results that we needed. He’s crazy intelligent and knows how to get results. He’s taken great care of us in the custody of our granddaughter. He’s provided other legal services to our satisfaction as well. I can’t imagine trusting another attorney as much as I trust Erik. He’s proven himself time and time again. Even when I thought we didn’t stand a chance, he pulled us through! Getting what we wanted and then some. I’ve had other attorneys before Erik Burns and he’s completely different from all I had ever experienced. I just wish I would have found him sooner. I can’t thank Erik Burns and his staff enough! They’ve changed our lives forever!”

-Post via Google 2024

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