Family Law

For many, family court can turn into a nightmare. There are very personal and deeply important elements in any divorce that come under intense conflict. These can often include child support, child custody, division of assets (community property), spousal support (alimony) and other entitlements.

When seeking a Denham Springs family law attorney, it’s common to be nervous or anxious about finding a just and professional attorney. So many mothers and fathers are often wronged in family court. Great sums of money are drained in divorce court and so many individuals seek quick and painless answers to their very real family concerns.

Erik can assist you by serving as a mediator or he can assist you in court if your case must proceed down that path. In mediation…..There couldn’t be a better answer for many common family law problems. If your case must proceed to court then Erik can effectively handle your case there as well including if it must proceed to trial. Erik has tried numerous cases involving all aspects of family law even though it is an option of last resort.

Erik L. Burns has the comprehensive experience and resources to find the creative answers that work for your situation. Erik L. Burns has helped countless families achieve solutions to their child custody concerns, alimony concerns and so much more. With the help of a professional Denham Springs family law attorney, countless clients have solved their problems peacefully while minimizing costs.

The needs of your family come first. We’ll help you find the answers you need in a just, fair and unbiased manner. Keep control of your case and your family by utilizing our mediation services. Don’t let your future stay in the hands of family court. Call us today.

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