“I had unique case with a HOA and I wasn’t a local. Erik took my case, advised me professionally and walked me through every step. I appreciate his patience and professionalism.”

-Posted via Google 2023

“I am extremely grateful for the services of Erik Burns and his staff. His professionalism and dedication were above and beyond any I have ever experienced. When I asked him if he was a succession attorney, he said he could help me. Little did we know that our battle had just begun. 6 1/2 years later, we succeeded in obtaining my inheritance. It was a very emotional and difficult battle that probably tested him to his limits, but he never failed or wavered. He promised to stay with me until the end and he did. He endured more than he should have and I feel that others would have not been as invested. His prices are more than reasonable. He was always available by text, email, and phone and never kept me waiting for a response. I truly felt like his only client with the personal attention to my case. I highly recommend him as your representation for any case.”

-Posted via Google 2023

“Erik Burns has been amazing! He truly cares about his clients, worries for what his clients are going through, and gives 150% of himself to his client cases. I’m truly grateful for all he’s done for my family. I don’t think other attorneys would have gotten the results that we needed. He’s crazy intelligent and knows how to get results. He’s taken great care of us in the custody of our granddaughter. He’s provided other legal services to our satisfaction as well. I can’t imagine trusting another attorney as much as I trust Erik. He’s proven himself time and time again. Even when I thought we didn’t stand a chance, he pulled us through! Getting what we wanted and then some. I’ve had other attorneys before Erik Burns and he’s completely different from all I had ever experienced. I just wish I would have found him sooner. I can’t thank Erik Burns and his staff enough! They’ve changed our lives forever!”

-Post via Google 2024

“Erik Burns is a great guy and he is a GREAT attorney. I mean GREAT! Erik is fair and level headed. I retained Erik to represent me in a family law case regarding child support and also a full trial for community property. Erik was prepared. He was thorough in his research and could anticipate the possible positions of the other side and what would be acceptable to the judge. He is a great negotiator. I used other attorneys prior to finding Erik and they were experts at dragging out the process and over billing. Erik was a total opposite, he was Godsend. Erik got it done. He works fast and he’s thorough. Thank you Erik for your hard work and dedication to my case. I really felt that Erik had my best interest at heart. I highly recommend Erik Burns to anyone who needs a great attorney.”

-Posted via Facebook 8/2/17

“Erik is great at what he does! He is incredibly professional and thorough and always responds in a timely manner. He has helped our family through more than he will ever know. If you ever need an attorney, he is your guy!”

-Posted via Avvo 2/1/18

“I recently hired Mr. Burns to represent me in my child support/custody case. I had consulted with other local attorneys in the area before meeting with Erik. While they seemed disinterested in what I had to say, Erik immediately said he would take my case. From the very beginning, I could tell how passionate he is about what he does! He treated me like more than just another client. He treated me like a friend or a family member. I could really tell he cared. Erik kept me informed through every step of the process and was always there to answer any questions I had. He and his secretary were always available for me whenever I called or emailed them! Erik was extremely diligent in researching every aspect of my case to ensure he got me the best possible results . Erik fought for me and my daughter every step of the way , without fail! Erik not only won my case for me but he got me even more than I had initially expected . If you are looking for an attorney that will fight for you and your family like he would fight for his own then Erik Burns is the attorney for you! I promise you that you will not be disappointed!!!!”

-Posted via Avvo 4/2/18

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